Kristen Stewart School of Make Up is the only school in New Zealand that takes their graduate and attending students to New Zealand Fashion Week. With the event being less than a month away, team KSSM is getting into full swing as we learn the designers we are working with and the shows that we will be working on. This year we have eighteen shows, more than we have ever had and more than any other make up house, which means we are taking our largest team to date.

To prepare, we get inspiration from the designers of what they are wanting and the feel for their collection. We then come up with some ideas and collaborate with the hairdressing team to come up with a cohesive look that suits not only the collection but makes an impact on the runway. We then do demos on models for the designers to sign off, this may take a few times to get right, and a few changes may need to be made.

Once we are all signed off, we make lists of what we have used and draw up face charts of the look. We then pack individual bags of MAC Cosmetic goodness for each show ready to be fully packed up already to take to Auckland. This is a massive undertaking, not only making sure we have the right products but enough of them to last the whole week.

This year we have six group shows which means we are working with up to four designers per show. This always proves to be a challenge (one I actually enjoy to be honest) as more often than not, they want completely different looks from each other and we have to come up with a compromise.

Keep an eye on my blog as I share the team preparing for the shows over the next few weeks and then the buzz of backstage and of course the final outcome of what walks down the runway. This year is going to be action packed and I am excited to be sharing it with you!!