Kristen Stewart

‘Kristen has done many fabulous make-up jobs for many photo shoots over the years, she is very professional and a delight to work with.’
— Carl Watkins
‘Kristen is a make-up artist and stylist with talent well beyond the norm.’
— Paula Ryan
‘Kristen Stewart has been an instrumental artist in the history of Air New Zealand Fashion Week, holding Creative Director and artist roles for many different fashion houses over the past eight years. Kristen has a unique skill for not only making her subjects look beautiful, but for giving them the confidence to feel beautiful as well.’
— Pieter Stewart
‘Kristen has been the creative director for Hailwood make-up for the past six years and is simply the best in the business. The looks she designs are always directional and are often repeated in other collections in following seasons, she is a true leader in her field.’
— Adrian Hailwood

A self-starter like no other, Kristen taught herself how to apply make-up and established the Kristen Stewart School of Make-up.

It all began 22 years ago, whilst she was a photographer’s apprentice and discovered make-up artistry. It was not, however, until she worked in a modelling agency that she ventured into learning how to apply make-up on others.

Deciding that make-up artistry was the right career path for her, she went to London two years later to study at the Glauca Rossi School of Make Up. A whole new world opened up for Kristen and she consequently landed some of the most amazing jobs in the UK and Europe.

When she returned home to Queenstown, she had the wonderful opportunity to work on the movie Vertical Limit.

Afterward, Kristen moved to Auckland where she worked with MAC and built a strong relationship with the cosmetics brand. There she was able to work with the major magazines and fashion shows, as well as some of the biggest catalogues that New Zealand has to offer.

Her passion for make-up extended to teaching people make-up application on themselves and on others. And so when she moved back to Christchurch after having her daughter Harley, she taught at a make-up school.

It was there, though, that she discovered that the students didn’t learn much after a year of study. Recognising the gap in the market coupled with a need for stability, Kristen resolved to set up her own school; one that would be completely different from the rest in the country. After further research and planning, she realised that even Australia had nothing like the boutique school she envisioned.

And so in 2008, she launched the Kristen Stewart School of Make-up.

Kristen’s Portfolio