About KSSM

Kristen Stewart School of Make-Up is a fresh, innovative private school in Christchurch, that provides a professionally focused Diploma of Make-up Artistry for those passionate about the “art of make-up” in the fashion and photographic industry.

The school offers an investment in education that is designed to launch the careers of the students; while providing them skills to earn a reputation for fresh thinking, outstanding techniques and attention to detail, creativity, and a high level of professionalism.

Kristen Stewart School of Make-Up ensures graduates are work-ready to the highest international standards, and students are encouraged to express their individuality through their work.

The school also offers a varied range of short courses for those who wish to learn the craft of make-up artistry and become more confident in their application, knowledge, and in applying the latest seasonal styles.

Kristen Stewart School of Make-Up provides students with the technical skills, innovation, confidence, and experience they need to begin their journey down whatever path this exciting industry inspires them to take.