Gennady Sharpe


I studied KSSM in 2009 I left high school and was unsure where I saw myself or what career path I would take. I entered the first ever course Kristen took and instantly my life was changed.

I developed a love for makeup but more importantly how I made people feel after the finished result. The course was fantastic and took us right back to the basics on how to prep skin before even applying the makeup. I found myself going home and creating looks on all my friends and my mother and soon found this would be my passion.

After I left KSSM I started working as a freelance makeup artist in Christchurch. I was involved in New Zealand fashion week and was a part of fashion shows, hair shows and magazine shoots. After the Earthquakes, I moved to Brisbane where I worked for Napoleon Perdis in David Jones. Daily we would have ladies coming in and getting their makeup done while getting new product the look on their faces made my day and made me realise why I chose this as a career. Makeup is not just about looking beautiful on the outside, it’s about making you feel beautiful on the inside too.

Most recently I appeared on the first seasons of TV2 new season Heartbreak Island. I have since moved on from my makeup artist days but that does not stop makeup from being a huge part of my life. When I was stranded on an island for 5 weeks having the skills and knowledge of how to do great TV makeup helped me out and all the producers when a makeup artist wasn’t close by. I have since been working with skin care products and make up lines on my Instagram and am so grateful for the skills I now have thanks to KSSM.

Although I no longer am an artist, I truly believe this course gave me a career path that bought me to where I am today, and I still find myself using the techniques I was taught all those years ago. This course gave me confidence and skills that I will forever be grateful for.

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